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Static mixer / heat exchanger

Fluitec CSE-X®, the newest generation of laminar mixers, has openings in the wall area. This innovative feature reduces the pressure drop for even the most complex mixing tasks by up to 50% compared to conventional mixer geometries – without compromising the mixing quality. The Fluitec portfolio includes numerous optimized special-purpose mixers for extreme mixing tasks or specific residence time distribution requirements.

In this video, we will introduce you to the functionality and applications of Fluitec static mixers and mixer heat exchangers. The unique design of the heat exchanger gives rise to extraordinary capabilities, which are particularly evident with complex cooling tasks. Even pseudoplastic (non-Newtonian) or thixotropic media can be mixed without any problems over a wide temperature range and with significant differences between the viscosity at the inlet and outlet or between the temperature of the product and the coolant.

Watch the video and find out more.

Spokesperson: Tobias Vögeli Ehrat // Fluitec, Sales Manager – Process and Sales Engineer

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