Mixer/Heat Exchanger

The Fluitec mixer / heat exchanger is a combination of a static mixer and a multitube heat exchanger. It can be used for mixing, heat, and mass transfer or – thanks to its optimal residence time distribution – as a plug flow reactor.


Since the design is consistently based on the geometry of the CSE-X – the most efficient mixer type of all – excellent homogeneity, a narrow residence time distribution and a uniform shear field over the cross-sectional area are guaranteed along the entire length of the apparatus. The unique design of the heat exchanger gives rise to extraordinary capabilities, which are particularly evident with complex cooling tasks. Even pseudoplastic (non-Newtonian) or thixotropic media can be mixed without any problems over a wide temperature range and with significant differences between the viscosity at the inlet and outlet or between the temperature of the product and the coolant. Owing to its ability to mix the product homogeneously for long periods, the mixer / heat exchanger rules out the risk of mal- distribution, which is a dreaded phenomenon with other heat exchanger types.

The mixer / heat exchanger also enables combinations of different process steps because the apparatus permits simultaneous mixing and temperature conditioning of fluids.


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CSE-XR mixer


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