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Enamelled Cover with Fused Glass

Thurne in partnership with De Dietrich Process Systems is presenting a Fused Glass solution consisting of a sight glass fused into a glass-lined steel mount.

Fused Glass solution

Enhanced safety:
The combination of glass-lined steel and soda-lime glass DIN 8902 allows a homogeneous stress distribution as well as a perfect chemical resistance as the product comes in contact with no other material than glass and glass-lining.


Enhanced safety, improved visibility and easier cleaning 



      • Better thermal shock resistance
      • Higher resistance to pressure
      • Better fracture resistance: in case of a crack the sight glass remains tight
      • Reduced leakage risk: as the glass is fused into the glass-lining, no gasket needs to be used

Enamelled Cover with Fused Glass


Improved visibility for better optical monitoring of the process:
A better scratch resistance combined with an unreduced diameter due to the elimination of the gasket allows optimized monitoring of your process.


Easy cleaning:

      • No dead zones
      • No gaskets

Covers supplied with an external protection by Nickel Coating


Covers can be supplied with external protection by Nickel Coating.


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