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End-to-End Aseptic Fill/Finish Solutions from API bulk handling to Aseptic Fill/Finish and Isolators

Dec group

THURNE in cooperation with Dec group is presenting semi-/fully automated aseptic filling lines.

Dec group End-to-End Aseptic Fill/Finish Solutions

Did you know that DecFill® semi-/fully automated aseptic filling lines can be ideally designed for small-batch, clinical and R&D applications up to production scale?

DecFill® filling lines can be equipped with tailored solutions of different containment systems such as o-RABS or isolators including FDCs (Fast Decontamination Compartment) for the decontamination of your packaging materials.

DecFill® – SB (Small Batch)

DecFill® - SB (Small Batch)

Key Benefits & Features of DecFill® – SB

  • Laboratory and small-scale aseptic production
  • Various solutions for the supply of packaging materials
  • Integrated environmental monitoring
  • Highly accurate patented filling technologies for powders, liquids, and gels
  • Various aseptic Dec containment systems (oRABS, Isolators)
  • Highly integrable, reflecting Dec’s continuous manufacturing single source solutions

DecFill® – PS (Production Scale)

DecFill® - PS (Production Scale)

Due to its unique magnetic linear drive system, each product holder can individually be controlled providing a high level of flexibility. This enables maximum efficiency within the filling machine and makes it possible to fill different products and media (liquids and/or powder) on the same line.

Key Benefits & Features of DecFill® – PS (Production Scale)

  • Flexible Main Transport – Magnetic linear driven main transport system
  • Maximize efficiency in the filler
  • Slim machine design for improved accessibility and reduced cleanroom space
  • Multi-container handling in one filling line – RTU systems, vials, cartridges, syringes, etc.
  • Suitable for all RTU systems, vials, cartridges, syringes, sachets/pouches, and special packaging
  • A fully automatic and modular production scale enables a wide variety of configuration options
  • Highly accurate patented filling technologies for powders, liquids & gels

Watch the video about DecFill – PS (Production Scale) here

Would you like to know more about this product scope or discuss your future projects? Please contact the Thurne specialist if you would like to learn more about DecFill® solutions.

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