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Continuous liner systems to protect your staff and products


THURNE in cooperation with Lugaia is presenting Continuous Liner Systems in various sizes, lengths, folding heights, and diameters and made of different foil materials.

Continuous liner LinerunitContinuous liner head  Continuous liner Linerunit

Continuous Liner Systems have proven to be one of the most effective means for protecting your staff and products. Axial folding enables film lengths of up to 80 meters. Fold height and foil length are dependent upon film thickness. Special CLS liner sizes for customer-specific foils are also available.

Custom foil material:
Continuous Liners can be manufactured from a customized packaging foil material (e.g. PE with antistatic characteristics, pure PE for primary packaging, PE with antistatic or conductive grid printing, barrier foils, custom foils etc.)

Folding technique:
Thanks to a special axial fold made from tubular foil, the Continuous Liner allows packaging in different manufactured sizes. With this folding process, it is possible to fold a maximum foil length (up to 80 m) into the smallest space available. This decreases the frequency of needed changes of the Continuous Liner packaging which saves time and costs.

Clean room assembly:
The best tailored and quality-guaranteed processes for our customers are available in 3 Continuous Liner clean room classes: ISO 5, ISO 7, and ISO 8.

High Containment Solution:
For sealing and separating, the Continuous Liner will be using the SafeSeal Closure System. Whereby an OEB 5 (<1μg/m3) Containment-Level can be guaranteed.

Watch the video about the Continuous Liner System – CLS here

Read the brochure Continuous Liner System here


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