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Battery Manufacturing Solutions

Dec groupTHURNE in cooperation with DEC GROUP offers a large number of solutions to support the battery manufacturing industry in the field of contained powder handling.

Raw materials such as lithium, graphite, cadmium, and other minerals used in battery manufacturing require excessively safe handling and processing systems in order to protect operators and keep the ingredients uncontaminated.

Dec Battery Manufacturing Solutions
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We provide a wide range of powder handling and process containment applications, including transfer, micronizing/milling, bulk handling, sampling, blending, dosing, process isolators, and advanced cleaning (CIP/SIP) features.

Thurne has the ability to help you with powder handling systems. Please contact Thurne specialist for any further information or for a quotation. We are always here to help you and find the best solution.

Sami Haasto, Thurne Teknik, Product Sales Manager (Finland) Sami Haasto
Direct Phone: +358 942 45 10 75
Mobile: +358 44 7555 690
E-mail: [email protected]


Thurne Teknik Andris Putniņš(Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia) Andris Putnins
Direct Phone: +371 6616 3763
Mobile: +371 2689 6799
E-mail: [email protected]


Thurne Teknik Magnus Karlström(Sweden, Norway) Magnus Karlström
Direct Phone: +46 8 5576 9333
Mobile: +46 709 326 731
E-mail: [email protected]

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