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New compact welded Plate Heat Exchanger HXC Free Flow


This new heat exchanger has been developed to condensate your gas stream and its compactness allows it to be placed in reduced spaces and to easily fit with existing units. right column


Some of the advantages:

• corrugated plates provide excellent thermal efficiency in comparison with traditional technologies

• free gap circuit, allows full accessibility by 2 opposite doors for real mechanical cleaning

• easy maintenance as it is assembled like a shell & tubes heat exchanger

• used as a solvent condenser, it is perfectly suitable for your cGMP requirements

• fully drainable and without any contact points on the process side

• laser welding (option) ensures a perfect conformity to the most stringent rules and regulations, like FDA

• full capability to perform design calculations and long experience in general sizing of condensers in API production environment


Kapp Process Graph HXC Free Flow
Kapp Process Graph HXC Free Flow

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