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Highly contained roller compaction

THURNE in cooperation with FITZPATRICK brings top-quality equipment. To achieve a higher level of containment in the dry granulation process for customers within the pharma industry.

Pharmaceutical dry granulation is the leanest method for conditioning powders. Because it is a continuous manufacturing process, there is no need to construct batch sizes to meet equipment constraints. With few process variables, it is relatively simple to validate, optimize and scale.

Advantages of dry granulation: 

      • Improved powder flow
      • Enhanced compressibility
      • Control particle hardness
      • Control dissolution and dispersion rates
      • Lower equipment CapEx costs
      • Scalability

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Fitzpatrick’s range of CCS Roll Compactors is inherently well sealed with vacuum-tight security. But where even higher containment levels are demanded, in addition, Fitzpatrick’s patented Product Containment System (PCS) with nitrogen inserting and security interlock is available.

The robust design gives you a machine with a long lifespan for a solid return on your investment. With minimal components to maintain or clean, production up-time is maximized.

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Thurne has worked with all types of containment solutions and can help you make the right decision for your application. Please contact Thurne specialist for any further information or for a quotation. We are always here to help you and find the best solution.

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