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Filtrox: Single-use Clarification of Fermentation Broths

Microfiltration of high-value liquids by means of depth filter systems

FILTRODISC™ BIO SD is the first depth filter using the advantages of the alluvial (cake or pre-coat) filtration technology in a disposable format.

Standard depth filters can no longer handle the higher and higher cell titers (>108 cells/ml) in fermentation broths.

By using a filter aid such as diatomaceous earth (e.g. Celpure®) the filtration volume per filter area can be increased by up to 80%.





FILTRODISC™ BIO SD comprises a filtration system which removes particles (e.g. cells, bacteria, yeast), impurities (e.g. HCP, DNA) and other turbid matter from process liquids such as fermentation broth.

This system is completely disposable; meaning all material that comes in contact with the product is meant for single use and can be disposed of after the filtration is completed.

All sizes can be ordered gamma sterilized.

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