May we introduce you to our marketing coordinator Ursula?

Meet our Marketing Coordinator

What´s up, Ursula?

More or less business as usual, with focus on our new website which should be launched in May– well, at least the English version. The other language versions will take some more time …

What made you interested in marketing? 

I had some marketing lectures during my education in Germany…I like the combination of strategy, creativity and different tools. And that it is developing all the time. Just have a look at the impact of social media today! We did not even think of this 20 years ago! And who knows where we are when you and me retire?!

What was your best / worst experience at work?

My job interview at Thurne was one of the worst experiences. I was late (as I took the bus into the wrong direction!), wet (as I forgot to take an umbrella!) and there were 8 people waiting for me at the coffee table, eager to see who I was (oh my goodness!) But in the end, I got the job, despite the fact that I sound like queen Silvia J.

How has your German background influenced your work?

Before I engaged in marketing, I worked here as a Sales Assistant – towards German speaking suppliers. This was a great advantage, not just because of the language but also because of the cultural differences … no matter if it comes to job or private life. To explain that, it would take hours!

What motivates you every day?

Personal meetings with different people from different cultures. No matter if it is at work or in my free time. Highlights for me are always international fairs or meetings – or on the private level: vacation in foreign countries; besides that, I load my batteries with hiking, jogging and gardening. This gives me time to reflect and to entertain my creativity.

Do you have any life wisdom you want to share with us?

As my grandmother always said: “Was Du heute kannst besorgen, verschiebe nicht auf morgen!”

Let´s google it!

Thanks for sharing!

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