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The inlet device that combines 3 processes!

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“RHO-TRI-P”: Agglomeration, Filtration & Homogenizing in combination

The new RHO-TRI-P inlet device from Rhodius combines three processes in one unit aiming for optimizing process parameters like flow rate, separation efficiency, and pressure drop.

      1. Agglomeration of even the smallest droplets (< 3.0 µm) by breaking out of their flow lines and to become large enough to be effectively separated by downstream knitted mesh
      2. Filtration of solid particles (corrosion, impurities, sediments) to extend the life of more cost-intensive downstream separation systems.
      3. Homogenizing of incoming flow steam to avoid local flooding of the demister pad as well as enabling possible size reduction of the separation tank.


Some advantages of using RHO-TRI-P:

  • reduced tank size thanks to even distribution of incoming gas
  • better separation efficiency for droplet separators downstream in the process
  • longer operating time and reduced cost for other separation systems downstream in the process
  • may be retrofitted for specific connections
  • customized process conditions



Application areas:
chemical reactors, gas scrubbers, and separators

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