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SafeFlex isolators enable contained processes quickly, easily, and inexpensively

THURNE in cooperation with LUGAIA is proud to present containment solutions for safe powder handling using Flexible Isolators.

SafeFlex isolator or SafePortBag system

The feed of raw materials to the tablet press can be done in a closed manner using the SafeFlex isolator or SafePortBag system.

Tablets from the tablet press can be discharged/filled in a safe and contained way using a continuous liner in combination with the SafeSeal crimps. The bags could then be used as intermediate storage and introduced into a Flexible Isolator for the next step as charging of the coater.

Flexible isolator

The weighing and dispensing of the raw materials can be done in a SafeFlex isolator, from where the powder can be transferred in a closed way to the reactor with a Lugaia SafePort Bag.

The charging of the reactor can be done by using either SafeFlex isolator or SafePort bag depending on the process challenges.

SafeFlex isolator

The advantages of the SafeFlex isolator: 

  • High product and personal protection
  • Easy handling
  • Universal usability
  • Foil with high tear resistance
  • High quality
  • Lower investment costs compared to rigid systems
  • Elimination of cleaning and validation costs
  • Integrable in existing systems
  • Gamma or x-ray sterilization possible
  • Containment can be done quickly and can be adjusted flexibly afterward

Examples of applications: 

  • Sampling
  • Dosage/weighting
  • Dispensing/Milling/Charging
  • Reactor feed/charge
  • Emptying the dryer
  • Filter replacement
  • Lyophilisation
  • Handling of toxic API

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