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Rental Filter/Dryers from Rosenmund



The Rosenmund brand is well known for high quality filtration-, mixing- and drying equipment for the Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industry. Their documented experience comprises:

  • Mechanical solid/liquid separation
  • Drying for chemical and pharmaceutical Products
  • Accordance to cGMP and FDA guidelines


Today we want to set focus on their mobile filter/dryer 


  • RoLab Skid 0.03 m2 (skid with integrated heating/cooling unit and vacuum system)
  • RoLab skid 0.17 m2 
  • RoLab Skid 0.2 m2 (ready this summer!)
  • RoLab Skid 0.4 m2 (ready this fall!) with possibility to test “drying with micro waves”
Filter/Dryer Rosenmund



YOUR advantage with the rental equipment:

  • Experienced staff from De Dietrich Process Systems and/or Thurne supports you – on request – with the installation and testing
  • Rental back charge: if you decide to buy a unit after the testing period, you will receive a deduction on the cost for the new machine


Do you have any questions?
Please contact me or my colleagues for further information or for a quotation.

Thurne: Matthias Persson, Process Engineer, phone +46 8 5576 9334, [email protected]

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