Drum Emptying Isolator

High containment charging of drummed powder in a clean air environment. Isotube is an effective option for the safe loading and charging of multiple drums of HPAPIs.


Isotube is a high containment drum emptying method. Isotube is an effective option for the safe loading and charging of multiple drums of HPAPIs. Compared to the DCS Drum Containment System for safely discharging drums, it is the preferred choice when charging lumpy and agglomerated products as a lump breaker system can be included in the lower part of the discharge hopper. The system consists of a contained glove box equipped with HEPA filters and a drum docking system in the back allowing an easy connection of the drum and the removal of the liner in a closed way by using the gloves which are connected to the front visor.

The bags are emptied manually in the chamber. Empty bags are removed by a waste bag side port equipped with a continuous liner to safely dispose of them.

Isotube provides a high level of containment of less than 1 µg/m3 along with the control of the environmental conditions within the isolation system. It is either used for gravity operation or for active transfer when using PTS Powder Transfer System allowing the safe charging of reactors.

Isotube is equipped with an internal door installed at the rear of the unit allowing contained access to the docked drum. Depending on the containment level to be achieved, the drum is sealed to the unit either by an inflatable seal and/or a drum bag in/bag out system to ensure the safe loading both in and out of the isolator.

The system is equipped with a Push-Push HEPA filter that is connected to an extraction system. It can also be connected to nitrogen depending on process requirements. The system is fully cleanable and suitable for ATEX zone 1 /21.
​The drums are connected to the system by using a drum tipper, which is connected to the back of the unit. Interlocks guarantee that the drum is in place and well sealed before opening the access door.

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