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Microfiltration systems for the food and beverage industry

Thurne in cooperation with Filtrox and Carlson are presenting filter solutions to the food and beverage industries.

The equipment consists of filter modules, lenticular filters, candle filters and membrane filter presses.

Filter cartridge housings SECUROXFilter cartridge housings SECUROX

      • High precision stainless steel fi­lter housing (AISI 316L)
      • Housings available for 1 cartridge 10″ up to 36 cartridges 30″
      • Optimized unit volume
      • Possibility of integrity testing for membrane cartridges


Lenticular filters DISCSTARLenticular filters DISCSTAR

      • For all common lenticular filter modules
      • Easy handling
      • All wet parts are stainless steel AISI 316L
      • From 1 to 4 high, single stack or multi-stack housing
      • For 12″ and 16″ modules
      • Jumbo system with up to 16 modules in one housing
      • Multiple options (skid systems, custom-made solutions, etc.)


Membrane filter presses NOVOX 
Plate and frame filters

Membrane filter presses NOVOX

      • Plates and frames from 200 x 200 mm up to 1200×1200 mm
      • Filter elements in stainless steel AISI 316L or NORYL
      • Manual, hand hydraulic, electric or pneumatic hydraulic closing systems available
      • Explosion-proof systems available (ATEX)
      • Multiple options (e.g. skid system, integrated pumps, custom-made solutions, etc.) available


 Filter sheets FIBRAFIXFilter sheets FIBRAFIX

Filter sheets for:

      • Coarse filtration
      • Clarifying filtration
      • Fine filtration
      • Germ reducing filtration
      • Sterile filtration


Filter cartridges Filter cartridges

      • Pre-filtration with:
        • depth filter cartridges
        • pleated depth filter cartridges
        • stainless steel cartridges
        • surface filter cartridges
      • End-filtration with membrane cartridges (sterile filtration)


Lenticular filter modules Lenticular filter modules

      • Filtration in a closed system (DISCSTAR™ filter housing)
      • Easy handling
      • All grades of the entire FIBRAFIX® range
      • High dirt retention capacity
      • No drip loss
      • Solid core, maximum safety
      • Available with all common adapters (flat gasket adapter DOE and double O-ring / bayonet adapter DOR)
      • Available in 10″, 12″ and 16″
      • Activated carbon modules (CARBOFIL™) available
      • High temperature version up to 180 °C available (FILTRODISC™ HT/UHT)

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