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High-end mixing technology

THURNE in cooperation with FLUITEC presents static mixing and heat transfer solutions. The Fluitec portfolio includes numerous optimized special-purpose mixers for extreme mixing tasks or specific residence time distribution requirements.

Static mixerStatic mixers

Laminar mixing processes are based on the repeated separation of the flow into layers, followed by redistribution and recombination parallel to the flow direction.
Turbulent static mixers for dispersion, emulsion and mass transfer.
Special mixing elements are used here to form the vortex.


Mixer heat exchangerMixer/heat exchanger

The design of the mixer/heat exchanger equates to a combination of a static mixer and a multitube heat exchanger in which a highly viscous product on the shell side flows through the static mixer. The advantages of these two distinct systems are aggregated for use at laminar flow.


Watch our webinar video about Static mixer/ Heat exchanger here

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