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Are you experiencing challenges in single-use and/or filter supply?
Many manufacturers of Biopharmaceuticals are affected by a rapid global increase in demand for single-use products. Parker Bioscience Filtration manufacture custom single-use assembles with reliable lead times in Class 7 cleanrooms in both the USA and UK.

THURNE in cooperation with PARKER is eager to propose our capabilities for your biopharma production.

Parker provides process filters, separation products, and systems for industrial and life-science markets. For bioprocess applications Parker covers single-use components, equipment and hardware put together into custom single-use systems. Filters, sensors, bags, and tubings are put together for each application to fit perfectly.


Are you experiencing challenges in single-use or filter supply for your biopharma production?


Parker SciLog® SELECT GO single-use assemblies allow for fast and easy implementation. All components within the SciLog® SELECT GO single-use assembly design space have been pre-qualified and hereby we can offer:

• Extensive compliance and validation package.
• Drawing and quotation in a short time.
• Shipped within 8-12 weeks of order placement.

Read more about single-use solutions in the brochure.

We have the capacity for expansion so if you need support for business continuity, get in touch with our local representative at Thurne!

Thurne Teknik Matthias Perrson

(Sweden, Norway) Matthias Persson
Direct Phone: +46 8 5576 9334
Mobile: +46 708 658 240
E-Mail: [email protected]


Rolf Sundström, Thurne Teknik, Product Sales Manager 

(Finland) Rolf Sundström
Direct Phone: +358 942 45 10 72
Mobile: +358 45 110 2337
E-Mail: [email protected]


Thurne Teknik Rafi Malekzadeh

(Denmark, Iceland) Rafi Malekzadeh
Direct Phone: +45 89 88 35 00
Mobile: +45 31 61 81 88
E-mail: [email protected]


Thurne Teknik Andris Putniņš

(Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia) Andris Putnins
Direct Phone: +371 6616 3763
Mobile: +371 2689 6799
E-Mail: [email protected]


Thurne Teknik Robert Trambacz

(Poland) Robert Trambacz
Mobile: +48 505 558 761
E-Mail: [email protected]

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