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A rentable multipurpose mill for small scale tests

Thurne proudly presents the world’s most advanced benchtop lab-sized multi-purpose powder milling and screening platform together with Quadro Engineering Corp.


The SLS – Scalable Lab SystemTM facilitates five powder processing capabilities in one machine.



Unparalleled scalability:

        • PSD and capacity are scalable with simple operating parameters.

Processing flexibility:

        • Process samples as small as 5gm with minimal loss or up to 100 kg/hr‐95% product recovery for most products.

Protection of heat sensitive products during milling:

        • patent‐pending screen designs lower temps as much as 30%.



Fitzpatrick Hammer Mill L1A

Fitzpatrick Hammer Mill L1A

  • Same process advantages of larger scale FitzMill comminutors.
  • Available with metered feed system (VFS) for complete process repeatability.


Quadro® FlexSift S5

Quadro® FlexSift S5

  • Inline security screener
  • High capacity (typical 500 kg/hr)
  • Standard deagglomeration spoiler arm


Quadro® Comil® High Energy H5




Quadro® Comil® High Energy H5

  • Primarily for APIs, fine chemical & cosmetic applications
  • Narrow PSDs with 30‐70% more on‐target
  • Integrated feed system for optimized containment and predictability


 Quadro® Comil® U5 / U5 High‐Efficiency



Quadro® Comil® U5 / U5 High‐Efficiency

  • In‐line, spaceless design
  • Tight particle granulometry
  • Wide range of scalable screens/impellers
  • Low heat, fines, dust, and overs

Link to pdf document: Scalable Lab System.

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