Split butterfly valve (APORT)

APORT – the Unique Combination of Process and Containment Interface


Nowadays a modern and innovative packaging system must be able to fulfill many functional criteria: single-use, containment in the OEB 5 range, compatible with varied filling and emptying interfaces, suitable for contained sampling, certified transportation box for hazardous goods and can also achieve hybrid functions. Currently, complex and difficult to clean systems are been installed for pressure, vacuum, temperature, CIP/SIP and solvent resistance applications. For the first time due to technological improvements, we have succeeded with APORT in delivering exceptional performance in one compact valve and thereby improving the overall process. Flexible disposable bags like ACUBE with contained AVAX split butterfly valve as well as stainless steel vessels can be docked to the APORT.

The APORT is used in applications that include process vessels with explosive atmospheres such as reactors, blenders and dryers with high demands for containment, vacuum and pressure shock resistance. APORT is the worldwide first and the only valve which meets all these requirements.

– Meets OEB 5 requirements (STTW ≤ 1 μg/m³)
– Intuitive and secure handling
– Compact and robust construction with flexible ACUBE
– Integrated AVAX-interface with passive to passive design
– Tri-Clamp seal integrated (4<< BS 4825-3)
– Hybrid operation with AVAX single-use
– CIP & SIP execution available
– Compliance to ATEX guidelines
– Full vacuum and pressure rating up to 20barg
– FDA approval of all seals
– Temperature-resistant: -20°C to 280°C (material depending)
– Cooled or heated valve housings
– Inflatable sealing technology with scraper
– Cost-effective system


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