Containment System SafePort bag

Contamination-free product transfer with the Safeport Bag, we present the cheapest one way product with OEB 5 (<1 µg pro m3) containment Level. Lugaia containment solutions has placed the highest priority on easy handling, high safety, universal usability and quality in the new development of the SafePort Bag. The design of the SafePort Bag is made for no products waste and guarantees a high yield of your product.


– Cost-effective one-way version for safe transfer (<1Ʀg pro m3 containment Level)
– Cleanroom production according to the state of the art guidelines with USP / EP certificates
– Standard versions for pharmaceutical and chemistry version available
– Special versions with sampling sleeves and customized films are available
– Volume variable from 5-40 liters available
– No product loss during emptying.


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