Belt drying system

Designed as belt conveyor in a casing. The drying gases are flowing from top to down through the granulate which is evenly distributed on top of the belt. By means of a slow moving belt the drying gases are enabled to heat up the wet granulate and evaporate the water. The granulate bed acts as a filter media to prevent dust generation inside the dryer.


– Formation of granules which result in a high quality and easy to handle product.
– Homogenously dry product: drying process starts with a particle which already has a dry core so DS is homogenuous and e.g. hygienisation can easily be guaranteed.
– Excellent circumstances for drying: the mixture fed to the belt consists of numerous granules therefore huge specific surface which enables an optimum saturation of drying air, which results in an efficient drying process. Wet sludge is applied in a thin layer on each particle which makes water vapor “transport” easy and not limiting.
– Flexibility in feed DS-content: fluctuations in cake DS are levelled out by the mixing process.
– Even distribution of feed on belt: free flowing mixture ensures a even distribution and best possible use of belt area.
– No problem with sticky phase: dewatered sludge cake has problematic properties in the range of approx. 40-60% DS. This can be overcome with backmixing.


Andritz Fliessbett sys


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