Heat Exchanger

Intelligent solutions in thermal handling of bulk materials. The Coperion heat exchanger is a proven technology. In many bulk materials handling processes it is necessary to thermally treat (cool or heat) powders, pellets and granules.


Main Features:
– Patented distributor plate at product inlet;
– Applicable for free-flowing bulk solids such as plastics, fertilizers, minerals, and food;
– Compact design without moving parts;
– Controlled discharge at the outlet with metering devices (e.g. rotary valves).

Depending on whether the product exists as granular or fine powder, we distinguish between different application concepts: Bulk-X-Change – Gravity, Inline Gravity, or Inline.

Bulk-X-Change Gravity
The original design was developed for free-flowing coarse powders and pellets. The bulk material flows from top to bottom due to gravitational forces through the vertical tubes which are surrounded by a heating or cooling medium on the shell side. As a result, the bulk material is either heated or cooled.

Bulk-X-Change Inline Gravity
If vertical installation in the process building is not possible due to lack of height, the Inline Gravity concepts can be used for free-flowing coarse powders and pellets. The Bulk-X-Change heat exchanger is then integrated into a pneumatic dilute-phase conveying system and the heat exchanger can be positioned as required. This concept is also attractive for retrofitted systems, as it can be installed during the ongoing production process at variable locations.

Bulk-X-Change Inline
This concept was especially for fine powders. The principle of this patented product is the direct installation of the Bulk-X-Change in a vertical pneumatic conveying line. The pneumatically conveyed powder is fed into the vertically positioned heat exchanger from below with the conveying gas.

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