Graphite block Heat Exchanger

Poybloc graphite block heat exchangers are adapted to the heating, cooling, evaporation, condensation and absorption of highly corrosive liquid chemicals.


Graphite block heat exchangers consist in a stack of blocks encapsulated in a steel shell. Rows of holes are drilled through graphite blocks both horizontally and vertically to form the process and service channels. Heat is transferred by conduction through the impervious graphite left between the rows of holes which separate the mediums being used.

– Graphilor isostatic or extruded graphite grades
– Heat transfer area up to 1000 m2
– Various block diameters: from Ø100 to 1500 mm
– Design pressure
– Full vacuum to 7 barg on both process and service sides as standard
– Up to 16 barg on service and up to 12 barg on process side on request
– Design temperature: from 200°C (BS), maximum 430°C (XC)
– Various drilling diameters and patterns
– Number of passes on process and service sides can be adjusted to achieve optimum velocities
– Number of blocks can be adjusted to achieve the necessary heat transfer area


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