Combined Feeding and blending

Quick and easy feeding of plastic pellets and granules. The Gravimetric ProRate Blender incorporates up to six feeders (shown here with four).


Coperion K-Tron ProRate Gravimetric blenders consist of one to six ingredient feeders and a PLC controller. They are designed to continuously meter raw materials accurately into a central station hopper. Each of the feeders operates in an independent, continuous loss-in-weight scaling mode to ensure accuracy of each ingredient. The desired feed rate for each material can be entered in as pounds (or kg) per hour, as a percent of the total rate, or as a percent of the virgin material.
– One to six ingredient feeders.
– Individual scales per feeder.
– PLC controller.
– Create, store and edit recipes.
– Inventory and alarm history.
– Heavy-duty, DC motor drives.
– Cylindrically designed hoppers for fast material discharge and complete clean-out.
– Clear center station top allows view of feeding material.

Please note that ProRate blenders are not CE compliant.

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ProBlend, ProRate


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