Safety Device, Pressure/Vacuum Valve & Flame Arrester

Highly trained test technicians run every GROTH valve model through our TUV-certified Flow Testing Lab, where they’re certified on-site with 3rd party oversight – because your safety is our first priority.


The superior Buna-N seating diaphragms are standard on the valve to insure extra tight sealing to prevent sludge vapors escaping. Self draining housing body and drip rings protect seating surface from condensate and freezing. The 1200/7618 helps protect your tank from damage created by overpressure or excessive vacuum, at the same time it provides protection from externally caused sources of heat and ignition. The result is reduced emissions level and increased fire protection and safety.

– Cushioned Air Seating
– Fluoropolymer seating diaphragms are standard to minimize sticking caused by resinous vapors and atmospheric moisture
– Self draining housing and drip rings
– Spiral-wound, crimped ribbon flame element
– Modular Construction




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