Pressure Monitors

The next generation SciPres II Series is a patented digital sensing and monitoring system that simultaneously monitors, displays, and documents pressure with a single-use, pre-calibrated sensor.


Tile SciPres II is a digital pressure monitoring system that simultaneously monitors, displays and documents pressure from three independent single-use, pre-calibrated pressure sensors (P1, P2, and P3) plus a calculated transmembrane or differential pressure (TMP or DP). When combined with SciDoc software, data is collected in real time and stored on your laptop computer. In addition, the system features a digital output alarm to signal high and low pressure for each of the three connected sensors as well as transmembrane pressure or differential pressure.

SciPres II single-use sensors were designed as a standalone product or component to our laboratory pump series and bioprocessing NFF and TFF systems.

– Pre-calibrated
– NIST-traceable
– Certified calibration
– Extended-use sensors (optional)
– Gamma stable
– NaOH stable
– Autoclave stable
– Comprehensive customer support

– Protein purification and concentration (e.g. whole cells, animal and bacterial cell lysates, monoclonal antibodies)
– Ultrafiltration, microfiltration, diafiltration and perfusion
– Protein Concentration/Diafiltration by TFF
– NFF or Normal Flow Filtration
– Chromatography Column Loadtng (a.k.a. “Chrome Loading”)
– Fermentation
– Bag Manifolds

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