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The ANDRITZ Gouda drum dryer is unique for turning viscous, pasty, and sticky materials into dried powder or flakes. It is your best choice when the drying process must be as gentle as possible without strong mechanical or thermal impact.


Drum drying is a continuous, indirect drying process. As the drum body rotates, it is heated on the inside by steam and very thin layer of the product to be dried is applied to the outer surface of the rotating drum. When in contact with the heated surface, the liquid evaporates very quickly from the thin product layer and then leaves the process at the top of the machine. If necessary, the vapor can also be removed by suction locally around the drum. After almost one complete rotation of the drum, the remaining dried product is scraped off the drum surface in the form of a film using a sharp knife. It is then cut into flakes or ground into powder, and transported to a cooler. From there, the end product can be brought to silos for storage and/or to a packaging machine.


Andritz Gouda


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