Paddle Dryer

The ANDRITZ Gouda paddle dryer is built to handle products with the utmost care – a machine with a lot to offer for most materials. The continuous, indirect heat transfer setup within the paddle dryer’s state-of-the-art interior produces a quality product with incredible efficiency – and a minimum of maintenance.


Saturated steam or hot oil are perfect for drying or heating. The hollow design of the paddle shafts means that the entire interior surface acts as one large heat exchanger. Controlled agitation by the rotating shafts with paddles delivers superb product-to-surface interaction for optimum heat transfer.

The ANDRITZ Gouda paddle dryer is designed for a long, continuous life cycle and manufactured with sophisticated welding procedures so that it can withstand high temperatures as well as heavy-duty and corrosive products. To protect the crucial, heat-exchanging paddle surface against heavily abrasive products, a wear-resistant, hardface coating can be applied. HVOF is a high-velocity spraying process to create protective, anti-abrasive layers. ANDRITZ Gouda introduced the HVOF technology years ago and still is the only manufacturer of paddle dryers to use this proven, best-in-class coating technique.

– A once-through drying technology that avoids back-mixing;
– No gas loop system is required, resulting in low fan capacity for exhaust gas discharge;
– Small off-gas treatment facility due to the low flow of excess gas;
– Waste heat from the condenser at a high temperature level >80°C;
– Compact design.

The dewatered sludge is fed in at one end of the paddle dryer without any pre-treatment and conveyed by gravity to the machine outlet due to the slight downward angle of the trough. During the long residence time of the product in the machine, plug flow is maintained and provides uniform product quality. An overflow weir ensures that the product height is always the same, while the evaporated vapor leaves the dryer through the exhaust outlet in the cover to reach the condenser. The small and compact vapor condenser offers the option of heat recovery at a high temperature level, and the absence of air during the drying process results in safe operation due to the low oxygen content. Finally, the dried material is discharged to a cooling screw conveyor and cooled to a temperature of <50°C.


GPD, Andritz Gouda


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