Filter Press (SP-series)

The ANDRITZ sidebar filter press SP 470 – SP 1200 is designed for standard and medium duty. It was specially developed for lowinvestment, standard environment applications and has a semiautomatic plate shifting device driven by an air-over-oil system.


– Air-over-oil technology, pneumatic drive;
– No electrical power source needed;
– Semi-automatic discharge system;
– Greater flexibility by using plant air;
– No electrical components or engineering required;
– No quality losses compared to electrically driven filter presses;
– State-of-the-art safety standards thanks to dual control system;
– Easy-to-use manual plate shifting system;
– Perfect force distribution due to pin design;
– Sustained oil quality for longer maintenance intervals.

– Industrial waste water and sludge;
– Metal hydroxide;
– Galvanic sludge;
– ATEX/hazardous areas.


SP-Series, Andritz separation


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