Powder mixer

The patented PTS Batchmixer allows to mix powders with different characteristics in a contained environment while reducing overall process times compared to traditional systems. With industrial applications from 2 to 6000 liters, the system also enables the operator to vary product volumes from 10 to 100 %.


The system is particularly appropriate for pharmaceutical applications where active substances must be handled without contamination or changes to physical properties. This easily integrated system has a main container with an integrated central deflector and a PTS with two tangential inlets on top. The powders are automatically introduced by the PTS and circulated within the container for a predefined period of time. The deflector ensures homogeneous distribution of the mixture.

The mixing process is faster and more effective as a result of the two jets of powder meeting in the PTS body, but with limited circulation speed, particles are not damaged. The system operates under inert conditions for hygroscopic, oxygen sensitive or explosive powders. Powders can be transferred automatically from drums, bags or directly from process equipment like a granulator. At the end of the mixing process, the system can be completely emptied and the blend can be automatically transferred to the next stage in production.


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PTS Batchmixer


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