Peeler Centrifuge (VZ)

The Krauss-Maffei vertical basket centrifuge VZU has been specifically designed for processing high-quality products in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and food industries.


The requirements established for minimum product loss, such as optimal cleaning ability, minimum dead zone design, and inspection capability, are all fulfilled in this development. Operating benefits include flexibility to adapt to a wide variety of product requirements, effective and even filling, intensive solids washing, and optimized solids discharge. In addition, the vibration damping system developed for this unit using four column supports results in smooth operation and minimal downtime for maintenance.

– Amino acids
– Agrochemicals
– Fine and special chemicals
– Pharmaceutical products (e.g. API and antibiotics)
– Vitamins
– Food products

– Various grades of stainless steel
– Nickel-based alloys
– Special metals with or without lining


VZ, Andritz separation


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