Filter Press (Side Bar SE-Series)

The ANDRITZ sidebar filter press SE 630 V – SE 1500 V is designed for standard and medium duty with fast filter cake discharge system. The special, fast filter cake discharge design was developed to meet the requirements of fast filtration applications with medium-sticky filter cakes, for short cycle times and a maximum degree of automation.


– Special, fast filter cake discharge design;
– Short cycle times that allow more than 40 cycles a day;
– Dry solids content of up to 90%;
– Maximum degree of automation;
– Safety guards and light curtains;
– Filter cloth rinsing module available;
– Choice of chamber and membrane filter press systems;
– Special vibrating design for automatic discharge of filter cake residues.

– Sand and gravel/stone processing sludge;
– Calcium carbonate;
– Coal and tailings;
– Limestone, chalk;
– Industrial waste water with less organic content.


Side Bar SE-Series, Andritz separation


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