Filter Press (Overhead Bar AE-Series)

The ANDRITZ overhead filter press AE 1200 – AE 2500 is designed for standard and medium duty. It is well-known as a reliable filter press for all industries and features a continuous plate shifting device enabling free access to filter plates.


– Solid structure to withstand severe operating conditions;
– Speed-adjustable plate transport for different applications and cake properties;
– Compact design, but high volumes;
– Very sturdy design and highly wear-resistant frame parts;
– Maximum corrosion resistance;
– Volume upgrades easy to realize;
– Safety guards and light curtains;
– Tilting frames for sticky filter cake;
– Choice of chamber and membrane filter press systems;
– Free access to the plate pack.

– Sand and gravel/stone processing sludge;
– FGD (flue gas desulphurization);
– Food applications (vegetable oil, fermentations, sugar, starch, dairy, beverages, etc.);
– Chemical applications (soda ash, petrochemicals, mineral oil, pigments and dyes, agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics).


Overhead Bar AE-Series, Andritz separation


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