Bursting Disc, GRAFSERT

A single, solid, phenolic resin-impregnated slab of graphite makes up the GRAFSERT rupture disc.


This design makes the GRAFSERT a highly dependable, low-maintenance rupture disc, ideal for highly corrosive applications and remote installations. The GRAFSERT is single-direction disc capable of withstanding burst ratios up to 80% in static service.

Count on the GRAFSERT for:
• Flexibility of operating conditions
• Corrosion resistance
• Reliability, even at low pressure-ratings and smaller sizes
• Extended service life
• Easy installation between companion flanges
• The ideal disc to protect processing systems, truck tanks, storage tanks and closed processing vessels from damage caused by overpressure.

Every GRAFSERT disc is subjected to careful quality control. Each lot is documented from raw material to shipment, and two or more tests to destruction are performed. To ensure maximum visibility and indication of proper installation relative to flow direction, we attach clearly visible stainless steel nameplates to each GRAFSERT disc.





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