Technical webinars for Biopharma professionals

THURNE in cooperation with PARKER is inviting you to join us for lunchtime learning webinar sessions.
These tailored sessions are intended to help you:

Protect your bioprocess from risk;

Find process efficiencies through single-use automation;

Support process development and validation, from the lab through to scaled-up manufacture.

Each 30-minute webinar will also include the option to join a post-session discussion if you’d like to learn more.

Can’t make it? Sign up anyway to access the replays.

Filtration and filter validation for R&D/production

13 April 2021 

Choosing the right filter to optimize your process application; filter validation and integrity testing. Introducing Parker’s bioprocessing filter range, validation and scale-up support.

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Single-use processing: custom manifold and container solutions

29 April 2021 

How integration of a pre-validated design space of single-use components can dramatically cut lead times on custom manifold solutions. Using open architecture engineered single-use fluid management systems and overmolding technologies to mitigate risk.

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Laboratory scale automation: intelligent systems for NFF/TFF and dispensing

11 May 2021 

How single-use automation can facilitate process development and support scalability. Parker’s role in automating lab-scale processes through its intelligent benchtop NFF/TFF and dispensing systems.

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Biopharma container solutions: mitigating risk in cold chain transportation

25 May 2021 

Why closed system biopharma processing solutions are ideal for cold chain transportation and sensitive product storage. An introduction to Parker’s patented container solutions.

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Bulk biopharmaceutical products: protecting quality and safety

8 June 2021 

How to improve efficiency and minimise risk by combining bulk filtration, bulk dispense and customized container solutions into one, fully enclosed unit operation, through Parker’s Scilog® FD

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