Expanding the business portfolio

Thurne Teknik is excited to announce that we are expanding the business portfolio in cooperation with Andritz KMPT GmbH.

Thurne Teknik is already representing Andritz in Sweden for filter press, decanter, separator, and dryer business for many years. By adding the filtration centrifuges, continuous operating disc and drum filters of Andritz KMPT into this portfolio Thurne Teknik is offering the best solutions to our partners.

The responsible person at Thurne Teknik for Sweden will be Roba Rudena. Please contact Roba in case of any new requests or questions on Andritz KMPT centrifuges or other solid/liquid separation equipment.

Visit the website: Andritz Separation – every imaginable separation solution on the planet

Roba Rudena

Roba Rudenå, Sales Engineer
B.Sc. Chemistry
Lugnets Allé 1, SE-12065 Stockholm
Phone: +46 8 5576 9300
Direct Phone: +46 8 5576 9348
Mobile: +46 764664018
E-mail: roba.rudena@thurne.se