Fluid Bed Dryer (HDC)

The use of internal heat exchangers inside the fluidized layer was an important step for fluid bed technology, allowing high-performance drying and cooling in one unit. The combined use of convection and conduction allows large amounts of heat to be transferred in a compact set-up.


Fluidization and heat input are made independent of one another. Due to the reduced amounts of fluidizing gas, the auxiliary equipment required for gas treatment is much smaller. Systems efficiency is improved because there are less exhaust gas losses. The static system set-up also allows the unit to be run in a closed loop under inert conditions with highest safety standards.

– Applications and products with medium to high mass flow rates.
– Commodities.
– Products with temperature limitation.

– Combined convection and contact heat transfer;
– Deep fluidized layers;
– Large variety of proven heat exchanger designs;
– Minimized gas flow rates;
– Suitable for steam loop operation;
– Low-temperature drying.


HDC, Andritz Fliessbett


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