Automated Lab Systems

Parker offers scalable solutions for safe, walk-away normal flow filtration, tangential flow filtration, dispensing, metering and bioreactor maintenance operations. We provide a range of solutions that enable successful process scale-up from laboratory through pilot to GMP manufacture.


When implementing a single-use bioprocessing solution, various levels of automation are available eliminating the need for constant monitoring. Parker incorporates SciLog technology within scalable, bioprocessing systems for upstream and downstream applications configured for your manual, semi-automated or fully automated processes.

Automated Cell Culture Maintenance System – MabTec
The SciLog MabTec is an automated high density cell culture maintenance system, allowing for safe, walk-away operation.

Automated Metering System – ChemTec
The SciLog ChemTec is an automated metering system from Parker domnick hunter.

Automated Laboratory Normal Flow Filtration Systems – FilterTec
The SciLog FilterTec automates normal flow fihration (NFF). Optimize parameters, maximize filter throughput, evaluate fihers, and document with SciDoc software. FilterTec Plus can test with three filters simultaneously.

Automated Tangent ial Flow Filtration System – PureTec
The SciLog PureTec is a complete TFF development system with real time data collection, automated pressure control, and scalable parameters for easy technology transfer.

Automated Laboratory Scale Dispensing System – LabTec
The SciLog LabTec automates, optimizes and documents repetitive liquid dispensing by volume, weight or weight ratio.

Automated Metering System – ChemTec II
The next generation ChemTec II is a high precision metering system that provides application specific automation for chemical and biological application.

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