Mineral & Mining

Mineral & Mining

Minerals include some of our basic natural resources, such as sand, gravel, dirt, rock, coal and ores. Mining and acquisition of raw materials is the base of almost every industry; raw materials are obtained, purified and turned into other forms for further processing or end use. Main industries relying on the Mineral and Mining Industry are construction, steel production and the Chemical Industry.




Raw materials are obtained in bulk form and processed in different steps as transportation, separation, purification, grinding, granulation and packing, sometimes in a very corrosive environment.

The challenge within the Mineral & Mining processes is a diversity of raw material properties. From fine powders to massive blocks, from free flowing particles to sticky pastes, it is significant to choose suitable resistant equipment.

Our competencies in the field of Mining & Mineral and Steel production comprise two areas: equipment for both bulk material handling and corrosive processes.

Cooperating with well-known partners, we offer high quality solutions for operations like sieving, filtering, dewatering, milling, sampling, dosing, powder transportation, discharging, filling and emptying of process vessels.

For corrosive processes, we maintain heat exchangers, pumps, vessels, complete heating skids for pickling baths, complete scrubber towers and random packings for revamping.


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