The Food Industry is described by the physical or chemical transformation of raw ingredients into food, or of food into other forms. Food processing is typically a mechanical process that utilizes large equipment for mixing, grinding, separation, drying, granulation, filling & discharging, transport and packing in the production process. These processes inherently introduce a number of contamination risks.




World governments closely survey and regulate the food manufacturers. Challenges in the production are product hygiene, specific taste and esthetic characteristics. A very important aspect for the choice of equipment is an easy dismantling for maintenance, easy access for cleaning and smooth surface finishes with no gaps. In addition the consumers´ awareness concerning the food chain is continuously expanding and has to be taken into consideration.

Together with worldwide acting partners and our specific know how from a variety of realized projects in the Food Industry, we are able to fulfill the specific demands of the food manufacturers with high quality equipment and solutions.

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