Fine Chemical

Fine Chemical

The Fine Chemical Industry is characterized by chemical processes often run batch wise and in low to medium production volumes. Products from the fine chemical processes are found in the life science- (active pharmaceutical ingredients or intermediates thereof, chromatography media, X-ray media), the cosmetics-, food-, agriculture- and mineral industry.




A standard fine chemical process consists of one or several reactors to which raw materials is charged. The chemical reaction is controlled and measured to ensure a safe operation. In the end of the process, usually the solid product is separated from the liquid of the slurry in order to be dried. The drying is usually performed under vacuum to keep the temperature low to be gentle to the product. After drying, sometimes the product powder needs to be screened to ensure the right particle size distribution.

Fine chemical processes face several challenges: tough chemical conditions (flammable solvents, hazardous raw materials, acids and bases), accurate process control (temperature, safety) and containment requirements, mostly for the end product.

In cooperation with our worldwide acting partners, we provide process equipment and systems in various materials for constructing reactors, condensers, filter/dryers and dryers as well as solutions for contained handling of raw materials, intermediates and the final product in both solid and liquid form.

Our experience together with the expertise from our partners ensures the right choice of sustainable process solutions for our customers’ needs.

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Video> Innovation and scalability of In-line reaction technology

February 26, 2021

In this video, Fluitec presents the new reaction calorimeter, which was developed in collaboration with a major pharmaceutical company. A simple set-up of a continuous calorimeter and a method to calculate the heat of reaction will be shown. The set-up comprises two controlled dosing systems,...

Video> Implementation of single-use technology at a pharmaceutical company

January 18, 2021

Lugaia is a leading manufacturer with state-of-the-art technology for innovative single-use containment solutions for the pharmaceutical, fine chemical and biotechnology, and life science industry.  The video introduces the use of plastic film for continuous liner systems, flexible isolators, special powder transfer bags, and closure systems, including examples of typical applications for these solutions and an explanation of their practical...

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January 7, 2021

WEBINAR IN-LINE MIXING TECHNOLOGY, INNOVATION AND SCALABILITY January 27-28, 2021 2 days, 2 live sessions   Static mixers made by Fluitec are modern, economical and efficient – and proven energy savers. Innovative new and optimized solutions developed by Fluitec engineers regularly set new benchmarks in...

Enamelled Cover with Fused Glass

November 26, 2020

Thurne in partnership with De Dietrich Process Systems is presenting a Fused Glass solution consisting of a sight glass fused into a glass-lined steel mount. Enhanced safety: The combination of glass-lined steel and soda-lime glass DIN 8902 allows a homogeneous stress distribution as well as a...

Single-use Solutions Webinar

November 20, 2020

WEBINAR SINGLE-USE SOLUTIONS  December 11, 2020  1 day, 4 live sessions    Single-use solutions are becoming more and more relevant in more and more applications in the whole life-science industry. Thurne has been offering solutions for containment of potent and/or hazardous powders, filtration solutions, and handling of liquids for many years, and with this webinar, we want to give...

Do you need spare parts for your filter presses, centrifuges or dryers?

November 17, 2020

            THURNE in cooperation with ANDRITZ ensures you that whether you need spare parts, rentals, local service, repairs, upgrades, or modernization of your equipment, our specialists are always here to help you in all aspects. Keep your business running Let...

Video> Impact of rupture discs on the operational efficiency of the process plant

October 22, 2020

Continental Disc Corporation (CDC) is a leading rupture disc manufacturer with over five decades of expertise. Founded in 1965, CDC`s catalogue of products has grown from two rupture discs to more than 30 discs and related support products, plus hose valves, tank vents, flame arrestors,...

Video> Thurne`s part in the safety of equipment and separation process

October 22, 2020

Thurne has many years of experience in the market with a well-established reference. Let us introduce you with the tools from Thurne of what are the different solutions that fit your project the best. The session will conclude a wide review of two of the...

Continuous reaction systems by Fluitec

October 6, 2020

Scaling up from lab to pilot and further to full production Thurne in cooperation with Fluitec presents you continuous reaction systems for flow chemistry. Transforming batch processes of chemical reactions into continuous flows serves numerous advantages, such as improved safety, constant product quality, and maximized space-time...

HEATEX – a perfect choice for applications in the pharma and fine chemical industry

September 9, 2020

Thurne Teknik in cooperation with Kapp presents you HEATEX – the compact welded plate condensers with dimpled or corrugated plates.   HEATEX is a fully welded thin plate condenser offering very efficient heat transfer in a compact design. With the flexible design and by using different plate types we can...