Fine Chemical

Fine Chemical

The Fine Chemical Industry is characterized by chemical processes often run batch wise and in low to medium production volumes. Products from the fine chemical processes are found in the life science- (active pharmaceutical ingredients or intermediates thereof, chromatography media, X-ray media), the cosmetics-, food-, agriculture- and mineral industry.




A standard fine chemical process consists of one or several reactors to which raw materials is charged. The chemical reaction is controlled and measured to ensure a safe operation. In the end of the process, usually the solid product is separated from the liquid of the slurry in order to be dried. The drying is usually performed under vacuum to keep the temperature low to be gentle to the product. After drying, sometimes the product powder needs to be screened to ensure the right particle size distribution.

Fine chemical processes face several challenges: tough chemical conditions (flammable solvents, hazardous raw materials, acids and bases), accurate process control (temperature, safety) and containment requirements, mostly for the end product.

In cooperation with our worldwide acting partners, we provide process equipment and systems in various materials for constructing reactors, condensers, filter/dryers and dryers as well as solutions for contained handling of raw materials, intermediates and the final product in both solid and liquid form.

Our experience together with the expertise from our partners ensures the right choice of sustainable process solutions for our customers’ needs.

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