Bioprocess Technology

“Bioprocessing” comprises everything from research, development and manufacturing to commercialization of products produced from or used by biological systems, such as food processing, agriculture, pharmaceutical development, waste management, medical research and numerous other fields of science and industry



Modern bioprocess technology is an enhancement of ancient techniques for developing useful products by taking advantage of natural biological activities. Often enzymes are used to catalyze biochemical reactions either by using whole microorganisms or cellular components. In comparison with conventional chemical production methods Bioprocessing requires lower temperatures, pressure and pH – essential production benefits.

Challenges can be solved with automated and computerized equipment as it is becoming much easier to accurately monitor reaction conditions and thus increase production efficiency.

By working closely with worldwide acting partners in the Biotech Industry, we ensure high quality products and solutions within Upstream to Downstream processing covering our customers’ requirements and protecting the process even during the critical parts.

Adding our market knowledge and experiences from different customer projects, plus being updated with the newest developments in the field of Biotechnology, we continuously improve our product scope.


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