Meet our speakers


Thurne Andreas Berfelt

Andreas Bergfelt // Thurne, Product sales manager

Andreas Bergfelt received his Ph. D. in Chemistry from Uppsala University where he worked on solid polymer electrolytes for lithium batteries. Today he works as Product Sales Manager at Thurne, representing De Dietrich Process Systems in Sweden and Norway with sales in different markets such as the battery, fine chemical, pharma, and mining.



Keith Melton

Keith Melton // Coperion K-Tron, Key Account Manager Battery and Chemical Applications

Keith Melton has around 35 years experience in the process industry, 8 years with an innovative extruder manufacturer, and the last 27 with Coperion K-Tron, in various technical, customer-focused responsibilities ranging from Customer Service Manager in Great Britain to today’s role as Key Account Manager, Battery & Chemical Applications at Coperion K-Tron Switzerland. His current role has responsibility for Coperion K-Tron Sales in the battery, chemical, plastics, detergent, and other non-food/pharmaceutical industries. Keith has an honors degree in Mechanical Engineering from Sunderland University, UK.


Dirk Jakobs

Dr. Dirk Jakobs // Lödige, Technical Sales – Mixing and Reacting Equipment

Dr. Jakobs is part of the technical sales team at Lödige, responsible for mixing, drying, and reacting applications in the fine chemicals, battery mass industry. In the past, he has held lectures at VDMA in Germany and the AIChE in Philadelphia, USA. He holds a Ph. D. in Chemistry, having studied at the University of Paderborn, Germany.



Franz Brinkmann

Franz Brinkmann // Lödige, Technical Sales – Mixing and Reacting Equipment

Mr. Brinkmann is part of the technical sales team at Lödige, responsible for mixing, drying, and reacting applications in the fine chemicals, polysaccharide derivatives industry. He holds a BEng in Chemical Engineering, having studied at the Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland.



Frédéric Dietrich

Frédéric Dietrich // Dec Group, Managing Director

Frédéric Dietrich is the managing director of Dietrich Engineering Consultants (Dec). Dec’s expertise is to supply safe and contained powder handling and process containment solutions to the fine chemical, pharmaceutical, and other industries. Over the last three decades, Dec has built up extensive knowledge and experience concerning health, safety, containment, and efficiency in relation to powder processing.  Mr. Dietrich is a frequent speaker at conferences worldwide and his articles promoting safety aspects of powder handling have further been published in scientific journals.  Mr. Dietrich holds a Master of Science (MSc) in Mechanical Engineering (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne/EPFL).


Anastasia Zefkili

Anastasia Zefkili // ANDRITZ Recycling, Head of Technology Center

Since 2010 working in waste management and recycling. Responsible for the recycling test center for the last five years, demonstrating, testing, and planning mechanical process solutions. Background on environmental engineering and sustainable development.




Uwe Hermsdorf

Uwe Hermsdorf // ANDRITZ Recycling, Director Technology, Order Execution and Engineering

Thirty years of experience in leading positions in the recycling industry. Starting as head of development/construction, then technical director, and currently director of technology, engineering, and project execution for recycling plants worldwide. Heading the ANDRITZ Recycling Department in Freiberg, Germany.



Martin Christmann

Martin Christmann // De Dietrich Process Systems, Process Engineer

For more than 20 years of experience in mechanical and thermal separation. Since 2012 at De Dietrich Process Systems GmbH (DDPS),  Germany. Regional Sales Manager (2012 – 2018). Since 2018 focus on process systems as a Product sales manager. The region of competency is Northern Europe.