Glass-lined and glass equipment: hands-on training 



Welcome to Zinswiller (France) and Mainz (Germany)
to learn more about the “World of De Dietrich Process Systems”

De Dietrich Process Systems has designed various training modules for those of its clients who would like to learn the rudiments of the following fields:


  • Understanding Glass Lining and Glass-Lined Equipment (Zinswiller / France)
    whether for commissioning, controlling or maintaining equipment


26-28/3 and 5-7/11          read more here

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  • Agitation and Heat Transfer (Zinswiller/France)
    with an approach focused on the use of the equipment and the optimisation of the processes


9-11/4 and 19-21/11          read more here

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  • Installation and maintenance of QVF® Equipment (Mainz/Germany)


19-21/2                             read more here

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Unique scope of condensers

We provide a unique spectrum of different condenser types in a broad variety of materials

Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger QVF
glass/glass / glass/SiC / glass/stainless steel
Read more here!
Coil Heat Exchanger QVF
Read more here!
Cylindrical Block Heat Exchanger 
graphite / SiC
gasket free design
Read more here (graphite)!
Read more here (SiC)!
CubicBlock Heat Exchanger
no process/servicegaskets
Read more here!
Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger
GMP design
Read more here!
Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger 
EC type
glass-lined steel
Read more here!
Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger 
stainless steel / nickel alloys / titanium
smooth/corrugated tubes & straight/u-shape tubes
Read more here!
Welded Plate Heat Exchanger HXC/HXEU
stainless steel / nickel alloys /
free flow on process side
Read more here!

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Flexible Contained (OEB5) Product Transfer with SafePort Bag

Flexible Contained (OEB5) Product Transfer with SafePort Bag

With the SafePort Bag, we offer a cost-effective oneway option for a secure transfer with OEB 5 (<1 μg per m³) containment-level.

The SafePort Bag is developed to maintain easy handling, high working safety, universal usability and quality. The design of the bag avoids product loss, thus ensuring a high yield of your products.

Have a closer look on the technic below:

Example applications:



For more Lugaia products, click here …


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Learn about how to dimension Rupture Discs, Demisters, etc.

 Welcome to our CALCULATION HUB …

How do you dimension rupture discs, demisters and other special processing equipment? We teach you how to take control of the design! Bring a “case” to our booth at PROCESSTEKNIK and join us when we calculate your process.
Welcome to our booth B01: 50 on 9-11 October!

We will go through the dimensioning of:

  • Heat Exchanger – fully welded in different variations
  • Droplet Separator
  • Bursting Disc
  • Hydraulic as well as Desorption and Adsorption Calculations for Columns
  • Filter Presses
  • Decanter Centrifuges


Welcome to our ANIMATION HUB …

Do you also experience that it is difficult to understand how advanced processing equipment works? Do you agree that animated films that show operating principles make it easier to understand the process? We teach you how Filter Presses, Vacuum Transport Systems or a Doser – to name a few – really work.

Lugaia SafePort Transfer Bag


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Product Information, ProcessTeknik 2018

Don´t miss the launch!

Welcome to our booth B01:50 on 9-11 October!

Product News at the PROCESSTEKNIK:






Modular Milling Platform for R&D and Pilot Scale Production
Quadro presents the first laboratory mill in the world that allows several different grinding technologies in only one machine, making it an optimal test mill for R&D. Conical mill, hammer mill, knife mill, screening etc. If you do not know exactly which grinding technique is the best for your product, this machine is the ideal tool.


  • fast exchange of mill heads for quick test of different particle sizes ranging from 20μm to 1000+ μm
  • each grinding technique is easy to scale up to industrial scale
  • can grind heat sensitive, moist sensitive or highly health-risk products
  • minimal product loss – allows grind samples as small as 5 grams


A new inlet device that combines three processes:

  1. agglomeration
  2. filtration
  3. homogenizing


Some advantages using RHO-TRI-P:

  • reduced tank size thanks to even distribution of incoming gas
  • better separation efficiency for droplet separators downstream in the process
  • longer operating time and reduced cost for other separation systems downstream in the process

Applikation areas:
chemical reactors, gas scrubbers and separators

In addition, we show the following equipment in the booth – extract:

  • Lugaia – Single-use Packaging, Containment and Sterile Transfer Solutions
  • DEC Group – Contained Powder Handling
  • Coperion K-Tron – Filling and Pneumatic Conveying


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Product news from ACHEMA 2018

NEWS & Highlights from our partner

presented at ACHEMA 2018



Reaction – Filtration – Drying – Distillation – Extraction – Absorption



Read more about OPTIMIX-Reactor

Read more about Mixer-Settler-Module



Read more about Gas Scrubber

Read more about RoLab Filter/Dryer


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Reduce or Eliminate Requirement for Thermal Drying with Combined Filtration and Gravimetric Separation

Do you have a product and process that meets the following requirements?



Then you should consider to investigate the possibilities to eliminate the requirement for downstream drying by replacing or complementing
your filtration/centrifugation equipment with a Pusher Centrifuge.
This technology combines filtration and gravimetric separation to achieve
maximum dryness up to 99%.


Operating Principle:


Our partner Andritz Separation offers lab scale feasibility tests to help you explore what can be improved in your process.
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