HEATEX – a perfect choice for applications in the pharma and fine chemical industry

HEATEX – a perfect choice for applications in the pharma and fine chemical industry

Thurne Teknik KappThurne Teknik in cooperation with Kapp presents you HEATEX – the compact welded plate condensers with dimpled or corrugated plates.

KAPP compact welded plate condensor


HEATEX is a fully welded thin plate condenser offering very efficient heat transfer in a compact design. With the flexible design and by using different plate types we can meet most of our customers’ needs in various installations in the pharmaceutical and API industry. HEATEX is produced according to cGMP requirements, it is easy to clean and is available in different corrosive-resistant materials.

Different types of plate design:

dimple plates have a free channel with no contact points. Can also be produced with a U-plate design to compensate for thermal expansion.



corrugated plates offer the highest possible efficiency. Can also be produced with a Free Flow design.



HXC free flowHXC Free Flow
HXC Free Flow, for reducing any risk of contamination or clogging.




Common applications:

  • One or two-stages condenser
  • Vapor condenser on reactors for cGMP
  • Vapor condenser for solvent recovery
  • Vacuum steam condenser
  • Temperature control reactors, cooling and heating mono-fluid


  • Plates provide superior thermal efficiency in comparison with traditional technologies
  • Compact and flexible design to ensure reduced installation costs and other layout issues
  • Fully mechanically cleanability to simplify maintenance
  • Fully drainable leading to no retention inside the condenser
  • Available with accessories like sight-glass, electropolished plates, CIP cleaning


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