Core values

Core values

Our core values are the cornerstones in developing our company culture. They are regularly discussed and form the basis of our code of conduct. These core values are human qualities that can be summarized in five words: respect, openness, innovation, honesty and trust.





Encounters with all individuals and organizations should be conducted with their unique ideas, beliefs, cultures, personal situations, resources, values, priorities, and objectives in mind. The act of listening is therefore critical. Respect requires empathy, consideration, and a willingness to help. We must be dedicated and patient in all situations to live up to our core value of respect.




We believe openness can be expressed with four words: listening, communication, tolerance, and curiosity. By listening, we mean active listening – paying full attention and asking questions whenever something is unclear. Communication is not only about our rights but also our responsibility to share points of view and discuss different standpoints in a positive way. The ability to listen and communicate without judgment is our definition of tolerance.

Staying curious means being open to new possibilities as well as challenging existing methods, which leads to innovation. Openness means being able to listen to criticism and being continuously prepared to evaluate all the options.



An innovative mind is one that can think critically to solve problems and think outside the box. As we deal with the latest technology, innovative thinking is central to everything we do. We must constantly look for new possibilities that arise from technological advances and challenge ourselves to deliver new solutions to our customers. Innovation can come in the form of streamlining and optimizing existing processes or being prepared to radically rethink things from scratch when the time is right. We innovate to stay ahead and create a better life for ourselves and our customers.




We believe that truly knowing “who you are” is the basis of honesty. To fully express oneself, and to give and take credit as well as criticism, we need individual courage. Honesty is also about being straightforward and realistic about the strengths and limitations of individuals and organizations. Clear and direct communication is essential in building an environment where honesty can thrive.




Expertise and long-term engagement are key factors for gaining the trust of colleagues, customers, and suppliers. Everyone should demonstrate an active commitment to satisfying both personal and professional needs. This is achieved through training as well as a genuine interest in the specific needs of others. Acting reliably and providing correct, consistent information strengthens relationships and co-operation between all parties.


Honesty, openness and respect earns trust. Trust equals reputation. Acting with these five core values in mind we aim to bring an all-important “human touch” to the technological world we work in.