The Team


We put some serious effort into teambuilding. Why? Because we know that together with our competence delivers formidable results.

There are some facts that have nothing to do with Process technology!

For example – did you know that we in total are

  • 26 employees
  • working in 5 different locations
  • 7 females and 9 males
  • from 7 different countries
  • speaking 8 different languages


Or – did you know that we have

  • a former Malmö FF junior trainer
  • a professional former floor ball player
  • and an inventor in our team?


Every one of us has his own “thing”

  • like a blonde pony tail
  • or 1 year-old twins
  • or a damaged shoulder from a night on a camp bed
  • or a weakness for boot camps
  • or a fondness to separate Barbie’s head from the body
  • or a fascination for Solna
  • or looks like Matt Damon
  • or ball room dancing
  • or celebrating the date of the execution of the last will
  • or drive to defeat high mountains
  • or an addiction to second hand shops


Did you know that

  • our families do know each other
  • partners and kids are always welcome to our office
  • partners are invited to our Christmas dinner
  • we meet privately


Did you know that Thurne also has his own “thing”?

  • as a program to engage in voluntary work?
  • Like self-development seminars outside of business related subjects?
  • As CSR projects like “NotForSaleAle”?
  • As regular donations to the Hungerproject?


Now you see that the WE is important when we say “One Region – One Team!”