Start-up of a trading company for process equipment

Gösta Thurne founded Thurne Teknik AB in 1962. The company started as a sales agency for European manufacturers of processing equipment and bulk chemicals for the Swedish market. The first supplier in our portfolio was the company QVF. By 1967, some of today’s most important suppliers, such as De Dietrich and Sweco Europe, were already partnering with Thurne Teknik for the outsourcing of marketing, sales, and support.

In the 1970s, Thurne Teknik expanded its portfolio to also include markets such as the industries for pulp & paper, plastics, cables, and rubber, but still active only in Sweden.




Focus intensification and revision of methods & tools


In 1988, Jan Ericsson became a member of the board, and in 1995, he bought the company from Gösta Thurne who retired. As a consequence of stronger focus, we decided in 1997 to stop all activities not related to the process industry. This focus later leads to the start-up of our bioprocess activities and the establishment of our Powder Processing group in early 2000. In the years between 1997 and 2000, all methods and tools were revised and the important in-house designed CRM system M2000 was implemented. A new 5-year-business plan was prepared in 2000 and is renewed each third year for the coming 5-year-period.


Goes Nordic

In line with the new vision of becoming a Nordic player, Thurne Teknik AB opened a branch office in Denmark in 2003, taking over staff from Carbone Lorraine Nordic. Ulf Stenerhag became the new managing director in 2006. In the same year, the branch office in Finland was established and in 2015 we opened our branch office for the Baltic region in Riga.


Joins Addtech

Thurne Teknik AB joins Swedish publicly listed technology trading group Addtech in 2019.


Goes Central Europe

Expanding a global footprint Thurne Teknik AB launched a sales office in Central Europe, Poland in 2020.



To be continued…