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October 06-08, 2020

3 days, 3 live sessions


Generally, in this part of the world companies specialize in delivering high-quality products that might be expensive and dangerous. Products that are dependent on as equal high-quality components in the systems to provide a safe and secure production. An engineer can be thought of as improving the overall system or improving the individual components. No matter what level you limit your project to, components will always be a necessary part to consider, even in bigger system.  

This FREE LIVE event will feature 3 webinar sessions by leading experts from 2 major process safety and mass transfer equipment manufacturers. Brought to you by Thurne in collaboration with CDC and Rhodius, this webinar will take place on October 6th-October 8th, 2020 from 13:00 – 14:00 p.m. (+2 GMT) each day. The webinar language is English.

Topics and technologies covered will include: 

      • How does Thurne fit in your Projects? 
      • How a solution from Thurne looks like. 
      • What happens when the wrong bursting disc is used? 
      • How right disc selection can save you money 
      • How can Rhodius streamline your processes?

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1st SESSION – Tuesday, October 6th at 13:00 (+2 GMT)

Thurne`s part in the process
Thurne has many years of experience on the market with a well-established reference. Let us introduce you with the tools from Thurne of what are the different solutions that fit your project the best. The session will conclude a wide review of two of the suppliers with respective components that we have in our product range, bursting discs from CDC and wire mesh from Rhodius.

Thurne Teknik Alfred Berglund


Spokesperson: Alfred Berglund // Thurne, Product Sales Manager
Duration: 60 minutes
Language: English



Alfred Berglund graduated from Karlstad University about two years ago, and have been working at Thurne since last summer 2019 as Product Sales Manager with a number of different components with suppliers Mersen, Fluitec, CDC, Rhodius, VFF, and Marsoflex.


2nd SESSION – Wednesday, October 7th at 13:00 (+2 GMT)

Impact of rupture discs on the operational efficiency of the process plant

Continental Disc Corporation (CDC) is a leading rupture disc manufacturer with over five decades of expertise. Founded in 1965, CDC`s catalog of products has grown from two rupture discs to more than 30 discs and related support products, plus hose valves, tank vents, flame arrestors, pilot-operated valves, and gas blanket regulator lines. Any industry, any application, anywhere in the world — we have an overpressure safety solution and the service know-how to back it up. Come listen to how the latest in rupture disc technology can help manufacturing plants to improve process reliability and extend maintenance periods without compromising safety. 

Philip Fedosenkov


Spokesperson: Philip Fedosenkov // CDC, Category Manager
Duration: 60 minutes
Language: English




Philip Fedosenkov following university graduation spent 10 years in high voltage engineering with Siemens. After completing an MBA at Durham University, undertook various senior management roles within the rupture disc industry in the past 15 years. Main passions are creating value for customers and new product development.

3rd SESSION – Thursday, October 8th at 13:00 (+2 GMT)

Separation and efficiency of the wired mesh on the operational process plant 

Rhodius has been one of the very first partners of Thurne. In 1925 the RHODIUS firm is established in Weissenburg, Germany, by Max RHODIUS. They were manufacturing metal sponges for Germany at the time. In 1968 the firm enlargement of the factory and introduction of knitted wire mesh catalytic converter technology for automotive use and soon after the first droplet separators saw the market. Today Rhodius is a global-wide manufacturer with sites expanding from the USA, Europe, Middle East, and all the way to South Korea. They supply major car manufacturing in Germany for cars BMW, Audi, and Mercedes-Benz. With a high standard permits, certificates like ISO9001 makes them one of the best in we world. The industry for wire mesh application is endless, and with a huge market for applications, the engineering behind it must be solid. That’s why Rhodius offers programs and services R&D equipment, Process engineering, and measurements on-site. Thurne is truly proud of have been entrusted with a partnership of one of the world’s best manufacturers of knitted wired mesh.  

Thierry Chambard


Spokesperson: Thierry Chambard // Rhodius, Sales Director for Europe 
Duration: 60 minutes
Language: English



Thierry Chambard is working at Rhodius and in the world of the knitted mesh since 2001. At first as R&D Research and Development director and now as Sales Director for Europe. He has a good technical approach and a special interest in the specific projects, He is led by a sales spirit to develop the business, in particular through Rhodius` partner THURNE.