Strategic partnership with German containment experts

Andocksysteme from Germany is now a partner of Thurne Teknik

Andocksysteme from Germany is now a partner of Thurne Teknik for processes including powder containment, split valves and contained single-use packaging to protect operators from exposure to hazardous chemicals.

The partnership between Andocksysteme and Thurne Teknik enables both companies to give our customers even better and more complete service within the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

The company Andocksysteme G.Untch GmbH is a leading innovator and manufacturer when it comes to technology for safe handling of toxic, potent and hazardous solids. The production site of the family owned company is Badenweiler in Germany.

Thurne Teknik is the local representative of Andocksysteme in all the Nordic and Baltic countries as well as in Poland, starting from June 1st 2020.

Here are some examples of the solutions of Andocksysteme, which we know to have large benefits for our customers’ processes:


The innovative sanitary single-use containment valve which removes costly cleaning efforts and eliminates any risk of cross contamination. The proven design ensures OEB5 containment, less than 1 µg/m3 OEL.



The sanitary double-layer bulk bag with an integrated contained connection. This is a beneficial alternative to traditional bags or steel IBC-containers, because of the quick and simple connections and the savings in time and cost as cleaning is no longer required. Customers have found it to be an ideal contained transport vessel for potent chemicals, intermediates, tablets, or final products. It can be connected to a steel frame and used as a contained mixing vessel.

ASBV – Multi-use split butterfly valves


Multi-use split butterfly valves, with a proven design and very impressive OEL levels, provide good protection for operators while being easy to use.  Available in manual versions or as automated docking systems, which allow for precise repeatable connection processes. The valves have very high ratings in customer satisfaction.

Accessories, like ACLAMP, the single-use clamp for any triclamp connection


Accessories, like ACLAMP, the single-use clamp for any triclamp connection, will help you to save a lot of time from cleaning. Sanitary multi-use compensators and bellows ensure dust-free connections in any powder process.

Please contact us when you want to discuss new ideas or issues related to old projects. We are happy to be of assistance. Andocksysteme makes a very good addition to our other partners in containment technology, Dec Group and Lugaia.

We are always here to help you and to find the best solution.

Our contact persons at Thurne Teknik regarding Andocksysteme and containment in general:

Thurne Teknik Magnus Karlström


(Sweden, Norway) Magnus Karlström
Direct Phone: +46 8 5576 9333
Mobile: +46 709 326 731




Thurne Teknik Rafi Malekzadeh


(Denmark, Iceland) Rafi Malekzadeh
Direct Phone: +45 89 88 35 00
Mobile: +45 31 61 81 88




Sami Haasto, Thurne Teknik, Product Sales Manager 


(Finland) Sami Haasto
Direct Phone: +358 942 45 10 75
Mobile: +358 44 7555 690




Thurne Teknik Andris Putniņš


(Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia) Andris Putnins
Direct Phone: +371 6616 3763
Mobile: +371 2689 6799




(Poland) Tadeusz Radlinski
Direct Phone: +48 588 810 049
Mobile: +48 601 610 979